Social and local

By Hyves and Utrecht University

Since Facebook became the pervasive social network with a staggering billion users, you might easily think that there is only one social network to connect them all. Naturally, there are many many more. Hyves was the leading social networking site in the Netherlands and was even able to grow in South-America. In the glory days the local network had more than 6 million unique visitors per month. With 10 million registered accounts it’s clear that Hyves has had a huge influence on people’s lives. After a long fight, Facebook was finally able to become market leader in The Netherlands at the end of 2011. Most local social networks faced similar paths although most platforms, like Hyves, still have a substantial hardcore user base. This temporary exhibition, by Hyves together with the Utrecht University, will give you a bit of sense of what has happened before the winner took it all. For now… We thank Maarten Naaijkens (Hyves) and professor Mirko Schaefer (Utrecht University) for their contribution to this temporary exhibition.

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