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nyan cat_def
Nyan cat

Christopher Torres, Saraj00n, 2011 Nyan Cat is an 8-bit animation combining a cat, a cherry Pop Tart and the song…

double rainbow_def
Double rainbow

Hungrybear9562 (Paul Vasquez), 2010 Paul “Bear” Vasquez, aka Hungrybear9562, posted this homemade video filmed in his front yard on YouTube…

elf yourself_def
Elf Yourself

Jason Zada, 2006 It’s simple: upload a picture of yourself, select an area and hit Submit. A moment later you…


Collective idea, 2007 Rickrolling is a 2008 Internet meme, and is a bait-and-switch. With a Rickroll you trick someone to…

leroy jenkins_def
Leeroy Jenkins

Guild PALS FOR LIFE, Ben Schulz, 2005 Leeroy Jenkins is a meme that started in 2005 with the release of…


Collective idea, 2005 Actually, the first person to make funny pictures of cats with a humorous caption was photographer Harry…

chuck norris_def

Conan O’Brien, 2005 Chuck Norris is an American actor and a martial arts expert. Yep, he’s tough. In early 2005,…

numa numa_def
Numa Numa guy

Gary Brolsma, 2004 In December 2004 18-year-old Gary Brolsma uploaded a quirky video of himself mimicking the song Dragostea din…

star wars kid_def
Star Wars Kid

Ghyslain Raza, 2003 In 2002, 15-year-old Ghyslain Raza taped himself mimicking Darth Maul from Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace….


Ryan Gancenia Etrata, Kevin Flynn, 2000 This dancing banana became a hit in the early 2000s. It’s an animated dancing…