Not that you’ll see a world wide celebration today, but it’s worth noting that the first domain name ever registered (the one you’ve landed on) is celebrating its 28th anniversary today.

Today isn’t about me, the 2nd owner of this unique piece of Internet history, it’s about the Symbolics Computer Company who had the foresight to be the first entity on the planet to register a domain name.

The Symbolics Computer Company was based out of Massachusetts – and has since closed up shop.  Back in the 80s they were pioneers in computing (from the conversations that I’ve had with employees of the former computer company) and they were really on the right track to be a major force in the industry.  The Symbolics Computer Company created a line of Lisp machines, which were computers designed to run the Lisp (List Processing Language) programming language.  For those interested in further history and technical data, please visit the following link:  – this is a thorough history compiled by the Symbolics Company, long ago.  This shows a great history of the company as well as Lisp machines.

Today, remains the first (and oldest) registered domain of approximately 250,000,000 registered domain names on the Internet.

The other 4 domains that round out the original 5 registrations include:
#2 – owned by Raytheon
#3 – owned by Oracle
#4 – ownership under privacy protection
#5 – owned by HP.
It’s worth noting that was the home of the Digitial Equipent Corporation, another Massachusetts based early computer company – which was acquired by Compaq in 1998 (which merged with Hewlett Packard 4 years later).

I want to give credit where it’s due today – and that credit doesn’t belong to me.  I’m just a guy who was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to acquire a neat piece of Internet history, I know that.  Today, let’s give congratulations to the former employees of the Symbolics Computer Company – although the company has ceased operations, their efforts and pioneering spirit will live on for a very long time, as we remember them every 15th of March. 

Thank you for visiting today.  I know you’re here because you read, somewhere, that today is the anniversary of the first registered domain name.  I am using this unique URL for my personal blog about domain names, e-Business and startup ideas.  If you choose to stick around, that would be fine with me.

–  Trying to make my own history…


54 thoughts on “ Turns 28 Years Old Today!

  1. Joe

    Congratulations, Aron!

    • admin

      Thanks Rick! I secretly read your website long ago and it got me fired up about domains in the first place. So thanks again!

  2. Kamlesh Nanda

    I came to know about it today for the first time, while working on the internet for such a long time. Congratulations!

  3. Well done Aron!!!

  4. Happy Birthday,!

  5. Ben Kipling

    Crazy! 1st out of 250,000,000! I think you deserve a trophy or atleast a plaque!

  6. HappY BirthdaY symbolics. WOW what an amazing thing. FIRST is alway a great thing!!

  7. Even though you’re not looking for it, congratulations. Happy 28th. See you in two years for the big three-oh.

  8. Congrats Symbolics!!!

  9. Dollie

    A wonderful reflection of how far technology has taken us in 28 years. And, what will happen next if history is any indication.

  10. Happy birthday,!

  11. Richard

    Congratulations on owning a lovely neat landmark on the internet treasure it not everyday in history does someone have the opportunity to buy the first domain ever registered. Will bookmark your website and be a regular visitor

    • admin

      Thank you

  12. From a website that is going to be born tomorrow – happy birthday to the 1st ever – congratulations – you are historic!

    • admin

      Thank you so much!

  13. Ryan Hurtt

    Happy birthday Symbolics! I think it’s awesome that you all have made it this far. That’s more than can be said for most websites these days! Keep up the good work!

  14. Happy Birthday symbolics 🙂

  15. Marcie R.

    Happy Birthday symbolics 🙂

    Seems alot of great things sarted in 1985 including my life..

  16. Ammet

    Unforgettable moment. It’s an achievement nobody could ever snatch from

  17. Happy birthday & Kudos Symbolic

  18. auc

    congratulations from AUC

  19. Well happy birthday to and all it’s predecessors who created this domain now a piece of iconic history for the Internet.

  20. I had the pleasure of seeing the early Symbolics equipment live and in person when they brought their massive computing machines down to our Southern California RFI test facility, Certitech, in the early 80’s era onslaught of imported & domestic digital hardware. As a test tech glued to an HP spectrum analyzer, I could only marvel at the LISP code ceaselessly scrolling down their widescreen beige monitors as we applied tinfoil and ferrite cores, part of our kitchen sink/Radio Shack alchemical arsenal of FCC compliance fixes for the screaming square waves of clock pulses racing inside the PCB filled cabinets.
    Aaaah, memories….

    • admin

      Thanks for sharing jack

  21. HappY BirthdaY symbolics.

  22. Wow I never thought that the first and oldest domain is as old as me. You guys are really put a lot of work to keep this kicking and alive. Congratulations and best wishes!

  23. saeed


  24. آیدین

    Happy Birthday تولدت مباررررررررک

  25. mohamad dehghani

    Happy Birthday
    تولدت مبارک

  26. happy birthday

  27. soheil

    happy birthday
    تولدت مبااااااااارک

  28. omid

    happy birthday . from iran

  29. Sianoosh

    Congratulations !!! , Happy Birthday Symbolics !!

  30. Sfard

    Happy birthday…..all domains grandpa…

  31. Wishing you happy endings and great beginnings.

  32. Rob

    Congrats and Happy B-Day!

  33. vahid

    happy birthday symbolics

  34. ChuQ Dennis

    Happy Birthday Grandpa!

    • admin

      thanks Sonny 🙂

  35. mohamad

    happy birthday symbolics

  36. It’s the first time I read about and I didn’t even thought about a “first registered domain name” ever, that’s really awesome. Happy B-Day, then, and lucky you who could get such an historical domain, dude! 🙂

    • admin is the first REGISTERED domain.
      Nordu was used by the registry for other purposes – but yes, it’s older, but is the
      first domain to be registered once it became available to register names.

  37. Mohammad

    Congrats man!

  38. Josephine

    Congrats Aron..!& Belated Wishes ..! Today only i heard about this..1st ever registered domain name..Marvellous..!definitely reached infinite..

  39. farhad

    Happy birthday

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